DCBBA Virtual 'Contest'

Hello to all of our amazing band secretaries/managers/organisers who, if you are anything like me, are missing band a lot at the moment. 

You may have seen that Westoe's trombone player Helen (who was trainee adjudicator back in February) came up with a great idea for us to showcase the amazing bands that we have in our association (and other bands who may well have joined to participate in the summer events we had planned). 

The idea for this is for each band who would like to take part to provide a video(s) of your band performing a piece or pieces you would like to be included and we will put them together to create a longer video or series of videos to show on Sunday 5th July. We want to make things as simple as possible and know that many of us can't get in to our rehearsal rooms at the moment to be able to get music or be together to perform so if you want your performance to be a social distance video, perfect! If you want to provide an older video, perfect! Whatever makes it easy and FUN for you to provide us with because the last thing any of us need right now is worry and stress about something like this. 

So a few 'rules':

* The piece must be in keeping with with the Picnic in the Park style of entertainment and fun

* The piece must be an individual piece although you can provide more than one so for example you could provide a march in one video and then a hymn tune in another video

* Ensure that you have permission from all performers (and parents/carers) to be able to take part in this event (it will be broadcast by our newly set up YouTube channel hopefully, and at least on social media) so will be accessible by many. 

Closing date for entries is 30th June (strictly not beyond this to give chance to create the video piece for broadcast)

If you have any questions about this event, please don't hesitate to contact me and ENJOY putting it together. 

Jo Wright - DCBBA Secretary